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I’m Paul, fine art nude and erotic photographer. I’ve been at this for a while now, and am continually fascinated by the story the human body tells. Each line, curve, wrinkle, bulge, scar, and so much more, record the days and years of our lives. I’d love to tell your story and invite you to experience that of others!

Black and white images are my medium. Though I’ve switched to digital, I still adore using film as the occasion demands.

I love working outdoors and in abandoned places. The desert and mountains are my home and where I find renewal. Old structures make heart flutter. They complement the human form wonderfully.

My work tends to the raw and gritty, and I don’t edit my photos much. This leaves true, unfiltered beauty, that goes far beyond the surface. I don’t shy away from any body parts; that would be weird.

Why erotic, you might ask? It’s at the core of our existence. It provides many of our deep and intense experiences. Why wouldn’t we celebrate that?

Take a spin through my work, and shoot me a line if you want to be photographed or you think your favorite space needs one of my prints, or you just want to talk counter culture art.

Oh, and if I was crazy enough to come up to you somewhere and awkwardly give you my card, you can learn more about working with me here.

Paul McMullin