If you were kind enough to take my card somewhere, and made it this far, I’d love to work with you. I’m not looking for perfect! I’m looking for the courage to be vulnerable and be seen, and tell the story written in your body. Not in a cliché way, but in the way those words mean. Don’t be shy, I don’t bite (unless previously agreed upon).

Some general things to know:

  • I’d be more than happy to discuss the process with you, by email, phone, video, or in person. I want you to feel safe and comfortable
  • Feel free to have someone with you to the session (or not)
  • We can work at a place you’re familiar with, my in-home studio, outside, or a rented space
  • Because I use film, you can have complete control of the work product, if you need to remain anonymous. Alternatively, I can take the photos in such a way that your identity is protected.
  • Or, if you want to share them with the world, I can provide prints of our best images so you can hang where you like, or give you scans so you can post everywhere.
  • There is a very formal line between you and me. I’m here for the art, nothing more.
  • We will discuss boundaries and what we both want to accomplish before we start working together.
  • The experience is typically profound given the vulnerability and trust required.

Get in touch if you’re interested.

Here are a few kind words from some of the remarkable people I have been fortunate to work with.

OH MY GOD! Paul! These are amazing!—Nap

Enjoyed the shoot very much, your classic style and calm demeanor are great attributes. I’ll be looking forward to next time!—invidious

Just got the photos and had a chance to look through them—they look AWESOME. Holy moly. And those triple exposure ones we took in the beginning turned out so cool!—Jacs Fishburne

The pictures are just incredible, exceptional to be my word of choice.—Sarah

Paul, I am thrilled to be a collaborator on something so beautiful. There are contradictions in my body: “old” and “young”, “flawed” and “flawless.” Somehow you gave them equality–even necessity–for how the images speak.—Anonymous

Wow! I am in tears! I love love love love love the black and white ones. Absolutely breathtaking. I am overjoyed. Thank you so much!—AngelEyes

I cannot say enough good things about Paul. He is a true artist, adventurer, and kindred spirit. His passion for his work and his medium is both evident and infectious. We had an amazing first shoot in some incredible locations, and I am beyond excited to see our shots when they get developed. Paul is extremely professional, gracious, kind, and both easy and fun to work with. I would shoot with him again in a heartbeat (and, in fact, intend to!).—Razviva

To be honest, I have used color film a few times.