A little more about me…

I grew up in Utah and discovered the mountains when I was eleven. I was instantly in love. When I was fourteen I went to the red rock canyons of Escalante. I was instantly in lust. I attempted a few times to photograph both places in my teen and “adult” life, but was always sorely disappointed, as the feeling I had in these places never materialized on the film. I didn’t try very hard and figured it wasn’t possible to record what I saw and felt in these profoundly moving places.

Fast forward a few decades and I began to have a deep yearning to understand my sexuality and the humanity of this world. For some reason, this manifested as nude art. I don’t know fully why, and I’m sure it wasn’t all high browed or innocent. But that’s what went down.

Now, I try to record glimpses of what I feel when I see the human form; especially when it’s combined with a place I love. I don’t try to get everything at once, like I did when I was younger; but aim for just a micro second of what I feel and see. Most of the time I fail, but sometimes I get it. When I do, I’m stoked.

When I’m not making photos, which is most of the time, I’m a husband to a remarkable woman, and a dad to three fantastic, maddening, and creative kids. They are the joy of my life. We hike, climb, and remodel the house (and van), together. And cry, yell, and love at each other.

Engineering pays the bills, and I travel too much for work. I teach a little, don’t cook or do yard work very well. I am blessed with a wonderful woman, muse, and lover in my life that keep me inspired.

That’s all I can think to say right now. Have a lovely day, and seriously, get in touch if you’re interested in working together.

Kindness is sexy!